... is not a trend for us either, but the basis of our existing and future work, "really icke".


Responsible design

Fashion under fair conditions, creating beautiful things with a good feeling. We follow this vision to this day and combine sustainable materials with sophisticated design.

Twice a year, new collections are created in the Berlin studio. We only produce the pre-ordered amount of goods, so that we have practically no overhang after each season. Economical use of materials, durability and a long-lasting design are the most sensible measures to conserve our resources.

Digital photo printing

Our photo-printed fabrics come from Bavaria and are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® certified.

The colors used are GOTS-approved inks from Europe and are therefore as gentle as possible for the environment and people, which is proven by the regular statutory controls and immission control measurements.

The water consumption, which is a valuable natural resource on the one hand, and also a considerable cost factor on the other, was reduced in an environmentally friendly way by a specially designed and installed water recycling system.

Regional and sustainable

We take responsibility in the selection of our partners. In addition to seals and certificates, personal contact and matching values play a central role in our selection.

Sustainability and regionality are important aspects of the entire production chain: starting with the choice of high-quality, ecological materials, an environmentally friendly printing process, through to production in medium-sized craft businesses in Poland and the avoidance of long transport routes.

We avoid packaging waste by consistently reusing cardboard boxes. Our packaging, paper and printed matter have the "Blue Angel" seal.

The goods are dispatched via DHL go green.

Our electricity provider is Lichtblick, green electricity.

Faire Production

Our collections are made in selected craft workshops in Poland. Luisella and Barbara accompany every production step. The companies with which icke, BERLIN has been working for many years, have the expertise to implement the special requirements of the collections in a tailor-made manner: "We have found medium-sized companies that have the skills and enthusiasm for their craft that our collections need" . This is not mass production, but is handcrafted in small editions. Such as hand cutting, in which the photo motif is placed exactly on the cut by hand. Since our fabrics are valuable, we pay attention to economical cutting and little waste.

Maintain and repair

It is most sustainable to buy less, pay attention to the quality and wear it for a long time. 

In order to implement the idea of longevity, we recommend paying close attention to our care instructions.

Those who choose their clothes well, maybe even spend more on it than planned, will also be more conscious of wearing, carefully caring and therefor
don't want to part with it.

We repair or change icke,FAVORITES and offer the icke,SOULMATE to contact us with your wishes! We are happy to help!

local cooperation

Berliner Manufacturing "factura"

Our bag series is created in the Berlin factory "factura". At craft workplaces, people who are impaired in their performance can find a quiet, relaxed and stimulating work environment for vocational rehabilitation. The friendly and friendly atmosphere offers space for every personality.

Do good - charity shirt

When buying one of our charity shirts, 5 euros are paid per shirt
to the children's and youth organization "Die Arche" children's foundation in Berlin.
It is our goal, together with our icke,SOULMATES, to make a contribution to making children strong for life.