"icke" says the Berliner and means "I and my individual style" - in this sense we design favorite pieces with exclusively photographed city and country scenes, which can be found on feminine and comfortably cut garments. Poetic inventiveness becomes wearable fashion "made in Berlin".

"icke" is really aware of its responsibility - for us, fashion making means fair and sustainable creation! So a icke,FAVORITE PART conjures up not only us, but also all icke,SOULMATE in a good mood and a smile on the face.



icke,BERLIN that's the fashion designer and dressmaker Barbara Kristen and the designer and photographer Luisella Ströbele. The trademarks of their feminine collection are the comfortable favorite pieces with ingenious cuts. Exclusively photographed city and country scenes make the models real eye-catchers. Thanks to the perfect fit and the artful photo prints, each item of clothing tells its own surprising story. Poetic landscapes, native animals, colorful urban structures or photographic patterns reflect the positive attitude towards life of Barbara and Luisella. 

The icke,BERLIN collection is inspired by the special moments in the everyday life of the designers, their love for nature, their gardens, the sea, the mountains and beautiful places that they discover while traveling together or with their families. The stories they tell in their current collection develop from this. Those who wear the flowing skirts, flattering dresses or cuddly T-shirts with the artful prints carry on their creativity and joie de vivre and must expect to be approached about it on the street. The 'wat kiekst'n?' In the label says it all.



The icke,BERLIN collections are created in close cooperation and in constant exchange between the two designers.

Luisella is responsible for the photographs and the prints. She always has her camera with her: "I often use the photos exactly as I took them. It is important to me that the character of the photo is preserved. From a distance you can see a flower pattern, and if you look closely, you can see the green window bars of a summer house in the background , before blooming cosmeen. "

In icke,CLASSICS there is a motif with a bright blue pond. "I photographed it at the Blautopf near my place of birth in the Swabian Alb. The colors of the autumn leaves around the crystal blue lake are wonderful. At the same time, a pair of kingfisher settled here in Berlin by a pond. This resulted in a turning skirt Sea motif on one side and a large, decorative kingfisher on the other. For me old and new home. "

Barbara is responsible for the pattern and model design: "I make the shape out of the surface." Luisella and Barbara discuss and decide together which motif goes with which cut, which photos find their way onto clothing. "That icke,EXPERIMENT is sacred to us. Every season there is a new processing or cutting technique such as the bonded reversible skirt, one of our favorites." A lot of fine-tuning goes into this development process: How does a print have to be so that it fits on certain items of clothing? How does an item of clothing have to be designed so that the window cross in the photo is positioned exactly on the slit? And what should the cut look like so that it looks feminine and advantageous? "Together we try on, design and change until everything fits us and everyone icke,SOULMATE."

Every piece of clothing from icke,BERLIN is a work of art for itself and for its wearer. The unique symbiosis of fashion and photography, the inspiring hand-in-hand collaboration and the mutual respect of the designers - that's the icke,RECIPE.

The two designers, Luisella Ströbele and Barbara Kristen, wish you a lot of "wellbeing" in our fine, local fashion